Razed Roof




Term Dates 2020/2021 

Autumn Term 2020

Thurs 10th Sept – Thurs 17th Dec 2020 (inclusive)

(excluding half term Thurs 29th Oct ‘20)

Spring Term 2021

Thurs 7th Jan – Thurs 1st April 2021 (inclusive)

(excluding half term Thurs 18th Feb ’21)

Summer Term 2021

Thurs 22ndth April – Thurs 1st July 2021 (inclusive)

(excluding half term Thurs 3nd June ‘21)



Thurs. 14th May 2020: 'InForm2020' show date @ Harlow Playhouse: 2pm matinee + 7.30pm eve.(runs approx 90 mins)

Sat. 7th March 2020: Party Evening of music, dancing  and cabaret @ St John's Arc, Old Harlow 7.30-10.30pm.                                                                       Pre-booked tickets at £10 include a light, cheese buffet; with pay-bar and raffle. 

Thursday 5th March: A small RR team to performan excerpt of work at Cambridge Junction, for First Manoeuvres evening. 

Mon 24th Feb 2020: Small RR team to run workshop for B.A.Theatre Studies students at Essex Uni (Colchester)

Thursday 13th Feb. : Visit from Emily Williams from The Barbican Learning Dept. 

Thurs. 6th Feb. : Visit from playwright Judith Johnson

Sun 26th Jan. 2020: Holocaust Remembrance 'Stand Together'. Meet at 3pm to rehearse at Harlow Civic Centre, Council   Chamber, Harlow Water Gardens, CM20 1WG,                                                                       Please wear all-black performance clothes and shoes. Arrange to be collected at 6.30pm.

Thurs 9th Jan. 2020: Start back for Spring Term


Thurs. 12th Dec. 2019: Last Razed Roof session AND evening trip to RBA to see 'High School Musical' 

Sat. 7th Dec. 2019: RR + Forest Musical Theatre Carol Singing Harvey Centre (10am to 12noon) 

Thurs. 5th Dec,2019: Razed Roof carol singing in Harlow  Water Gardens 4.30pm - 7.30pm tbc

Friday 15th Nov 2019: Small RR team  to run workshop for Drama Studies students at Essex Uni. (Southend-on-Sea)

Monday 11th Nov. 2019: RR member  to attend 'Stage Craft 'event at Royal Opera House, London.

Monday 4th Nov. 2019: Small RR team to run workshop for MA Theatre Studies students at Essex Uni. (Colchester)

Thursday 31st October 2019: RR Community Workshop: 'Puppets'.10.30am-3.30pm in Harvey Centre  

Friday 25th Oct. 2019: 'Anti-Bullying Day' workshops at Robert Barclay Academy 

Mon 14th Oct. 2019: RR reps to attend Creative Minds meeting in London.

Sat. 12th Oct. 2019: RR fund raising 'Quiz & Supper' @ St John's ARC, Old Harlow. Tickets £12 per person (Teams up-to 8) 

Thurs 3rd Oct. 2019: AGM @ 6pm. After our RR session we'll eat out, attend the AGM, then go to see performance of 'Two'

Sun. 15th Sept. 2019: Performance for InterFaith event at The Rhodes Bishop's Stortford. (arrive 11.30am until 2.30pm tbc)

Thurs. 12th Sept. 2019: Autumn Term begins.

Sunday 8th Sept.2019: Razed Roof afternoon workshop activity for 'Art of the Garden Party' @ Harlow Museum.


Term  Dates: 2019 / 2020

Autumn Term 2019

Thursday 12th September - 12th December 2019 (inclusive)

(except half term: Thurs. 31st October

Spring Term 2020

Thursday 9th January- 2nd April 2020 (inclusive)

(except half term: Thurs. 20th February)

Summer Term 2020

Thursday 23rd April - 9th July 2020 (inclusive)

(except half term: 28th May) 

Thursday 11th July 2019: Last session for Summer Term.

Sun. 30th June 2019: Performances for Harlow Carnival @ Town Centre Stage (meeting Market Square 1pm, until 5pm)

Thurs 27th June 2019: Puppetry Workshop: our usual Thursday session will  continue until 7.30pm so you will need two 

              packed meals and drinks for the day, and arrange a later pick-up time.

Wed. 19th June 2019: Jack Petchey Foundation Awards Eve @ Harlow Playhouse 7.30pm (RR meet at 4.30pm for tech run)

Thurs. 9th May 2019: Razed Roof show date at Harlow Playhouse 2pm matinee + 7.30pm evening.

Tuesday 2nd April 2019: Evening trip to see 'We Will Rock You' at our partner school: the Robert Barclay Academy.

Thursday 14th March: An extra twilight session with puppeteers: Sue Dacre and Roger 

Wed. 6th March 2019: An outreach team of RRoofers to run a workshop at Lancaster Special School in Southend.

Monday 4th March 2019: An 'outreach team' of RRoofers to run a workshop at Essex University, Colchester campus.

Thursday 21st March 2019: An all-day Making Workshop in Harlow Town Library 10am to 3.30pm

Wednesday 30th January 2019: RR evening performance Harlow Civic Showcase at Harlow Playhouse (meet 4.30pm)

Sunday 27th January 2019: Holocaust Memorial Commemoration @ Harlow Civic Centre CM20 1WG (meet 3pm)

Thursday 10th January 2019: Start new term: 9am - 4pm

Tuesday 8th January 2019: An 'outreach team running a Razed Roof Making Workshop for Herts Regional College.


Thursday 13th December 2018: Last RR 2018 session; then pizza meal and Carol singing at Water Gardens. 4pm - 7.30pm

Saturday 1st Dec. 2018: RR & Forest Musical Theatre will be carol-singing in the Harvey Centre 

Saturday 17th Nov. 2018: RR fundraising quiz 7pm.for 7.30pm @ St John's ARC. Teams must book.

Thursday 4th Oct. 2018: RR AGM @ 6pm in Theatre 2 at Harlow Playhouse. Open to all supporters.

Tuesday 25th Sept. 2018: RR to run a workshop for Columbus School+College at Transition in Chelmsford.

Tuesday 18th Sept. 2018:   RR trip to the Dugdale Theatre Enfield: Show and workshop with Face Front

Saturday 15th Sept. 2018: RR trip to see 'With One Look' at Harlow Playhouse. Meet 7.30pm

Thursday 13th Sept. 2018: RR Autumn Term begins @ 9am - 4pm.

Tuesday 4th Sept. 2018: Special RR preview Magic Show: Doctor Bondini and JezO. Meet at 7pm Harlow Playhouse

Term Dates 2018/19

Autumn Term 2018

Thursday 13th September - 13th December 2018 (inclusive)

(except half term: 1st November)

Spring Term 2019

Thursday 10th January- 11th April 2019 (inclusive)

(except half term:21th February)

Summer Term 2019

Thursday 2nd May - 11th July 2019 (inclusive)

(except half term: 30th May) 

Saturday 25th August 2018: Razed Roof running a workshop session at LinkFest: 2pm in Town Park at the Community Marquee.

Thursday 5th July 2018: Performance of 'Trisomy21' at Essex University Symposium (Colchester)

Sunday 1st July 2018: Perform + workshop for Harlow Festival:  'Art of the Garden Party' at Harlow Museum. 1pm - 4.30pm

Wednesday 27th June 2018: Jack Petchey Foundation Regional Awards Evening @ Harlow Playhouse 7.30pm

Tuesday 26th June 2018: Private performance for Lord Lieutenant of Essex + Countess of Wessex at Harlow Playhouse.

Saturday 23rd June 2018: Workshop activity at 'The Great Get Together' at GPCA Abercrombie way

Thursday 21st June 2018: 'Jim + Tia Busk' at Playhouse for Razed Roof 7pm - 9,30pm

Sunday 10th June 2018: Trip to the matinee Relaxed Performance of 'Matilda' in London.

Thursday 24th May 2018: Visit from MENCAP  (interested in training ideas)

Monday 14th May 2018: Razed Roof participating in 'Mindfulness Conference' at Harlow Playhouse. Be there for 4pm till 5pm.

Thursday 10th May 2018: Razed Roof's production 'Trisomy 21' being performed at Harlow Playhouse 2pm &  7.30pm

Monday 30th April 2018: Razed Roof running a workshop for Oak View Special School , Loughton.

Sunday 29th April 2018:  Razed Roof invited onto Phoenix Community Radio programme in Harlow.

Wed. 25th April 2018: Razed Roof invited onto Chelmsford Community Radio programme.

       Summer Term 2018 Dates
Thursday 19th April - 12th July 2018 (inclusive)
(except half term: 31st May)

Sunday 8th April 2018: Fundraiser: live music and readings from Martin Banks' book. 5-7.30pm at Playhouse bar: Bucket donations.

Wed. 28th March 2018: Participate in Access All Areas workshops and attend performance@ Shoreditch Town Hall.(all-day)

Sunday 25th Feb.2018: Painting Skills day at Gravelly Barn, Braughing SG11 2RD (10.30am - 4pm)

Sat. 10th Feb 2018: Meeting Mike our Marathon Runner for Razed Roof. (3pm-5pm)

Sat. 3rd Feb 2018: Attend performance of 'Living With Luke' at Harlow Playhouse. (meet 7pm + pick-up at 9.30pm)

Sunday 28th Jan 2018: Evening performance for Holocaust Memorial  5pm @ Harlow Synagogue, Harberts Rd, Harlow. CM19 4DT (it’s opposite Northbrooks turning, by the bus stop behind a hedge)

          Spring Term 2018 Dates
Thursday 11th January- 29th March 2018 (inclusive)
(except half term:15th February)

Friday 15th Dec 2017:  Razed Roof stall in Broad Walk with Rainbow Services charities day 10am-2pm

Thursday 14th Dec 2017: Razed Roof Xmas evening- First a meal, then Xmas activities at the Water Gardens (by ASDA)

Saturday 9th Dec 2017: Carol Singing in the Harvey Centre: 10.15am (for 10.30am) to 12.30 (by the old M&S store)

Friday 17th Nov 2017: Running an all-day workshop for Essex University, Theatre Studies students at Southend campus

Saturday 11th Nov 2017:  Razed Roof fundraising quiz at St John's ARC, Old Harlow. CM17 0AJ

Thursday 9th Nov 2017: Music evening with 'Jim&Tia'  playing to raise funds for Razed Roof: 7.30pm @ The Hare, Harlow

Tuesday 31st Oct 2017: Razed Roof AGM @ 5.30pm followed by presentation of Queen's Award for Voluntary Services

Saturday 21st Oct 2017: Razed Roof Swanky Do:Celebrating 25 Years of Inclusion.

Friday 20th Oct 2017: Razed Roof delivering Anti-Bullying workshops for all  Year7 pupils at RBA, Hoddesdon.


Term Dates 2017/18

Autumn Term 2017

Thursday 7th September - 14th December 2017 (inclusive)
(except half term: 26th October)

Spring Term 2018

Thursday 11th January- 29th March 2018 (inclusive)
(except half term:15th February)

Summer Term 2018

Thursday 19th April - 12th July 2018 (inclusive)
(except half term: 31st May)

Thursday 6th July 2017: Playwright Judith Johnson to visit Razed Roof in our regular session..

Sunday 2nd July: Razed Roof perform + workshop at the Harlow70 afternoon Garden Party @ Museum Gardens.

Thursday 29th June 2017: No regular session this week  (due to staff at Conference)

Thursday 8th June 2017: RR Trustees annual-review visit during our usual session.

Thursday 1st June 2017: Workshop date at Essex University, Colchester for a small team of RRoofers.

Sunday 21st May 2017: Performance of 'Unfolding' in the Gibberd Garden at 3pm (arriving in the morning for a final rehearsal)

Thursday 18th May 2017: Trip to Gibberd Garden to plan and rehearse 'Unfolding' performance at the weekend (21st May).

Thursday 11th May 2017: Razed Roof's production 'UNFOLDING' being performed at Harlow Playhouse: 2pm + 7.30pm

Thursday27th April 2017: A team from our key funder 'Health Lottery: Health Strength' to film Razed Roof in rehearsal.

Saturday 22nd April 2017: Fundraising Car Park @ Harlow College 8am-4pm (volunteers welcome)

Thursday 20th April 2017: Razed Roof Marathon Stroll in Harlow's Water Gardens (details to follow)

Thursday 2nd March 2017: Razed Roof visit to the Gibberd Gardens during our usual Thursday session.

Wed 1st March 2017:
4 members of Razed Roof have been invited to Parliament at a launch of a key government report.

Tuesday 14th Feb 2017:
Razed Roof to perform at 'A Celebration of Jan's Life'. Meet 5.10pm at  St John's ARC, CM17 0AJ

Sunday 12th Feb 2017:
Trip to Playhouse to see Michael Morpurgo's: 'King Arthur'. Meet 2.10pm in Playhouse foyer.

Thursday 26th Jan. 2017: Evening performance for Holocaust Memorial  @ Harlow Synagogue, Harberts Rd, Harlow. CM19 4DT (it’s  opposite Northbrooks turning, by the bus stop behind a hedge)

Wednesday 14th Dec. 2016: Xmas Music Evening at the Robert Barclay Academy, Hoddesdon. Leave Playhouse 5.15pm

Saturday 10th Dec. 2016: Carol Singing in the Harvey Centre: 10am (for 10.30am) to 12noon (by the old BHS shop)

Friday 2nd Dec. 2016: Razed Roof fundraising quiz @ St.John's ARC, Harlow. CM17 0AJ Phone: 07505 838564- tickets:£12

Wednesday 23rd Nov. 2016: A small team from Razed Roof to deliver a day's workshop for students at Essex Uni

Thursday 17th Nov.  2016: Razed Roof to run Anti-Bullying workshops for BB school

Thursday 10th Nov. 2016: Inspiration Visit to Gibberd Garden, during our session, to begin R+D for production: 'Unfolding'

Monday 24th Oct.  2016: A small Razed Roof Research Team to New Worsley, Ipswich.

Friday 14th Oct. 2016: Trip to see 'Danish Girl' + post-screening talk with Lucinda Coxon at Harlow Playhouse (evening)

Saturday 1st Oct. 2016: Razed Roof to perform a curtain-raiser with 'Mind The Gap'  7pm at Harlow Playhouse, then watch the show 'Mia'. ALSO.........A small group from Razed Roof to perform at a private function: the PACT Glitter Ball 

Friday 30th Sept. 2016: All-day workshop for Razed Roof at Harlow Playhouse with 'Mind The Gap': 10am-3pm

Thursday 29th Sept. 2016: Razed Roof AGM 6pm in 'The Cork & Skewer', Harlow town centre, CM20 1HP (meal beforehand:4.30pm)

Saturday 24th Sept.  2016: Short performance for Harlow Arts Trust AGM  @ St John's ARC, Old Harlow (AGM 2.30pm/perform 5pm)

Saturday 10th Sept. 2016: All-day workshop: 9.30am - 3pm at Harlow Playhouse.

Thursday 8th Sept. 2016: Razed Roof Autumn term begins. Visit from Public Health England team.

TERM DATES 2016/17

AUTUMN Term 2016
Thursday 8th September - 15th December 2016 (inclusive)
(except half term: 27th October)

SPRING Term 2017
Thursday 12th January – 30th March 2017 (inclusive)
(except half term: 16th February)

SUMMER Term 2017
Thursday 20th April -13th July 2017 (inclusive)
(except half term: 1st June....+ also 29th June )

Thursday 7th July 2016: Bhangra Workshop with Indi (Last session of term)

Sunday 3rd July 2016: Razed Roof performing at Harlow Arts Garden Party  @ Harlow Museum- 1pm onwards.

Thursday 30th June 2016: Trip to Cineworld to see DVD of our show (am) + (pm) visit from RR Trustees for Annual Review.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016: 'Brave New Food' photo exhibition at Old  Star Office, Harlow for Harlow Arts Trail.

Tuesday 21st June 2016: Workshop with Age Concern for HAC Summer Arts Festival

Wednesday15th June 2016: Jack Petchey Arts Awards evening @ Harlow Playhouse

Sunday 12th June 2016: Trip to the relaxed, matinee performance of 'Matilda' in London. Meet 12noon at Playhouse.

Thursday 12th May 2016: Performance of production 'Brave New Food' @ Harlow Playhouse.

Sunday 24th April 2016: Catherine and Steven are running for Razed Roof in the London Marathon

Saturday 2nd April 2016: '12inch Canvas Workshop' at Gravelly Barn, Braughing

Friday 26th Feb 2016: 'Music&Cheese Evening'  St John's ARC, CM17 0AJ Phone: 07505 838564 - tickets: £10

Thursday 11th Feb 2016: Meal and Sheredes School Dance show trip. Return to Playhouse to be collected at 9.30pm.

Tuesday 15th Dec 2015: Sheredes School Panto trip. Meet at Playhouse 5.45pm and arrange to be collected at 9.30pm

Saturday 12th Dec 2015: Carol singing with Forest Musical Theatre in Harvey Centre from 1.30 to 3.30
                                        ALL WELCOME especially with Xmas hats and tinsel!!

Wednesday 18th Nov 2015: Small team of Razed Roof to present at Sheredes school Anti-Bullying day

Wednesday 28th October 2015: Creative Minds Conference @ Jerwood Dance House, Ipswich

Sunday 18th Oct 2015: Trip to 'Pss Pss' @ Harlow Playhouse.

Saturday 10th October 2015: Fundraising Quiz 7pm at St John's ARC, Old Harlow

Saturday 26th Sept 2015:
Fundraising Car Park @ Harlow College 8am-4pm (volunteers welcome)

Thursday 24th Sept 2015: Razed Roof performing with 'Funny Peculiar' at Harlow Playhouse 12.30pm

Thursday 17th September 2015: Razed Roof AGM 6pm at The Hare, Harlow CM19 4AS                                     

Thursday 10th September 2015: Autumn Term begins

 TERM DATES 2015/16

AUTUMN Term 2015
Thursday 10th Sept -10th December 2015 (inclusive)
(except half term: 29th October)

SPRING Term 2016
Thursday 7th January – 31st March 2016 (inclusive)
(except half term: 18th February)

SUMMER Term 2016
Thursday 21st April - 7th July 2016(inclusive)
(except half term: 2nd June)

Thursday 9th July 2015: Grand Event, 'Looking Back 100 Years' at Science Alive                                 

Wednesday 8th July 2015: Razed Roof representatives to present at ECC SEND Conference @ Hylands House.                              

Saturday 4th July 2015: Afternoon performance at Gravelly Barn, Braughing.Meet at Harlow Playhouse at 10.30am.

Thursday 25th June 2015: Performance of 'Lusitania: The Floating Palace' at Sheredes School during afternoon.

Sunday  21st June 2015: Razed Roof's Sponsored Fun Walk starts 10am at the Mark Hall Sports Centre, Harlow

                                                                                                                                                    CM17 9LR 
Wednesday 17th June 2015: A team from Razed Roof delivering a workshop at Little Heath Special School

Sunday 14th June 2015: Premiere screening of the Razed Roof DVD of 'Lusitania: the Floating Palace'
                                       7pm @ Harlow Playhouse (till about 9pm)

Thursday 11th June 2015: Workshop for Oakview Special School + Performing for the Jack Petchey evening @ Harlow Playhouse.

Thursday 7th May 2015: Performance of 'Lusitania: The Floating Palace' @ Harlow Playhouse 2pm + 7.30pm

Thursday 16th April 2015: Extra day for rehearsal 9am-4pm @ Playhouse

Friday 27th March 2015:
Wine Tasting Challenge at St John's ARC, Old Harlow. 7.15pm for 7.30pm. A fun fundraising event; book tickets: £12.50  from Barbara mob 07505 838564

Thursday 12th February 2015: Razed Roof to go to see Sherdes Dance Show at the school.

Sunday 25th January 2015:
Performance for Holocaust Memorial event at Harlow Synagogue.Meeting there to rehearse at 3.00pm.
Harberts Road, Hare Street, CM19 4DT
(It is near Toddbrook Veterinary Centre: Off Third Avenue and about 600 yards along Harberts Road. It’s behind a long hedge!)
Performing at 5pm; be collected by 6.15pm

Thursday 11th December 2014: Planning for Razed Roof to perform in Harlow Harvey Centre 5pm-6pm

Saturday 6th December 2014: Razed Roof Carol Singing in Harvey Centre, Harlow 10.30am -12.30pm
                                               ALL WELCOME !!

Thursday 27th November 2014: Theatre trip 'Accrington Pals' @ Playhouse 7.30pm

Wednesday 19th November 2014: Theatre trip 'Our Friends, the Enemy' @ Playhouse 7.30pm

Thursday 13th November 2014: NT playwright and musician to be with RR devising our production.

Thursday/Friday Saturday 6th/7th/8th November 2015:
Tesco supporting Razed Roof sponsored 'On the Bike' ride in Harvey Centre
9am-5pm each day. All welcome..... come to cycle and donate, or sponsor someone to ride for Razed Roof.

Thursday 6th November  2014: Theatre trip 'Helen' during RR session

Thursday 23rd October 2014: Theatre trip 'Museum of Memories' during RR session

Thursday 16th October 2014: Premier screening of 'Flood' at 7.30pm at Playhouse £5+DVD for sale. Interval games and popcorn.

Thursday 2nd October 2014: Razed Roof AGM 6pm in The Hare pub, Harlow, Essex CM19 4AS

Sunday 21st September 2014:
Adapted, open-air performance of Flood' by the sea wall at Jaywick Martello Tower,
                                               The Promenade, Belsize Avenue, Jaywick, Essex. CO15 2LF
                                                Free performances at 2pm + 3.30pm

Wednesday 17th September 2014: 'An Evening to Remember: Jaywick' .Residents of Clacton and Jaywick are invited to
                                                      share their memories and stories with members of Razed Roof and Judith Johnson:
                                                     National Theatre playwright. They will talk about their play 'Flood' which is partly
                                                      based on the Big Flood of 1953 which severely affected people in Jaywick.
                                                      5pm to 7pm @ Jaywick Martello Tower, The Promenade,
                                                      Belsize Avenue, Jaywick, Essex. CO15 2LF (Tea and cake will be available)

Thursday 11th September 2014:
Razed Roof Autumn term begins (Essex Community Foundation photographer to visit.)

TERM DATES 2014/15

AUTUMN Term 2014
Thursday 11th September - 11th December 2014 (inclusive)
(except half term: 30th October)

SPRING Term 2015
Thursday 8th January - 2nd April 2015 (inclusive)
(except half term: 19th February)

SUMMER Term 2015
Thursday 23rd April - 9th July 2015(inclusive)
(except half term: 28th May)

Friday 11th July 2014: Razed Roof to see show 'Leaving Home Party' at Harlow Playhouse. Meet 7.15pm at Playhouse.    
                                   Arrange to be picked-up to go home at 9.30pm

Thursday 10th July 2014: a one-off 'Love Our Planet ' workshop with Razed Roofers from 10am to 2pm

Sunday 29th June 2014: Razed Roof's Sponsored Fun Walk starts 10am at the Mark Hall Sports Centre, Harlow
                                                                                                                                               CM17 9LR

Thursday 26th June 2014: Jack Petchey  Foundation Arts Awards at Harlow Playhouse
                                         Razed Roof Trustees to meet with the group during the afternoon :)

Saturday 21st June 2014: The 'Big O Party' to fund-raise and celebrate 10years of Razed Roof. .

Thursday 19th June 2014: Tour- Performance of 'Flood' to Thameside Theatre, Grays
                                         Box office: 0845 300 5264  Tickets £6 / £4 concessions

Thursday 12th June 2014: TOUR- Performance of  'FLOOD'  at The Jerwood Dance House, Ipswich.
                                         Box office: 01473 295230  Ticket £6 / £4 concessions


Thursday 5th June 2014: Technical Theatre Day at the BackStage Centre @ ROH Production Park (in memory of Peter Lines)

Thursday 8th May 2014: RR Presentation Team to Jack Petchey Foundation 'Face the Challenge: Dragons' Den' event

Thursday 1st May 2014: Performance of new production 'FLOOD'  
                                                 (A commissioned script by Judith Johnson in memory of Keith Watson.)
Tickets £10 / £7 conc. available from Harlow Playhouse box office: 01279 431945

Thursday 17th April 2014: Additional rehearsal for the new production of 'Flood'. Usual times of 9am - 4pm at Playhouse.

Friday 28th March 2014: Fundraising Quiz 7pm at St John's ARC, Old Harlow. Order tickets from Barbara: 07505 838564

Monday 10th March 2014: RR stand at Carousel: 'Creative Minds' Conference, Brighton

Thursday 13th Feb 2014: RR leaving at 9am to go to Sheredes School Dance Show (during usual Thursday sessions)

Sunday 26th Jan. 2014: Performance for Holocaust Memorial event @ Harlow Synagogue

Thursday 9th Jan.2014: First RR session for 2014

Thursdays 19th/26thDec./2rd Jan: XMAS BREAK, no RR sessions

Thursday 12th December 2013:Razed Roof will be performing a Christmas Concert to Harlow School students

Saturday 7th Dec. 2013: Razed Roof Carol Singing in Harvey Centre, Harlow 10.30am -12.30pm
                                                                    ALL WELCOME !!

Saturday 30th November:  Razed Roof stall: 12noon - 4pm at St Elizabeth's Xmas Bazaar (nr. Perry Green, Hadham)

Thursday 14th Nov. 2013: Playwright, Judith Johnson to visit.
                                        4pm trip to eat, and show at Harlow Playhouse: 'Ballet Black' .
Thursday 7th Nov. 2013: Journalist from The Star to visit.
                                       4pm trip to eat, and show at Harlow Playhouse:'Mess'.

Thursday 31st Oct. 2013: HALF-TERM no RR session.
                                       RR rep, TD + AD attending Masterclass and meeting at Royal Opera House, Thurrock.

Thursday 17th Oct. 2013: Playwright, Judith Johnson to visit.
                                       4pm trip to eat, and show at Harlow Playhouse: Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'.

Saturday 12th Oct 2013: RR perform for the PACT Ball @ Manor of Groves

Friday 11th Oct 2013: Fundraising Quiz 7pm @ St John's ARC, Old Harlow. Tickets from Barbara: 07505 838564

Thursday 10th Oct 2013: Razed Roof perform at the 'Essex People's Parliament Conference' in Chelmsford.

Thursday 3rd Oct. 2013: 4pm trip to eat, then see a musical at Harlow Playhouse:' 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee'

Thursday 26th Sept 2013: Razed Roof AGM  6pm @ The Hare

Thursday 12th Sept 2013: RR Autumn Term begins at 9am at Harlow Playhouse

Term Dates 2013/14

AUTUMN Term 2013
Thursday 12th September - 12th December 2013 (inclusive)
(except half term: 31st October)

SPRING Term 2014
Thursday 9th January - 3rd April 2014 (inclusive)
(except half term: 20th February)

SUMMER Term 2014
Thursday 24th April - 26th June 2014 (inclusive)
(except half term: 29th May)

Wednesday 17th July 2013: Razed Roof all-day workshop for Hertfordshire University (details to follow)
Thursday 11th July 2013: A short presentation re. Tri-Safe Project at ECC event at Hylands House, Chelmsford
Tuesday 9th + Wednesday 10th July 2013: Razed Roof Reps on exhibition stand at Olympia London

Saturday 29th June 2013:
Razed Roof charity car park

Thursday 27th June 2013: Last Razed Roof Thursday session for this term

Saturday 15th June 2013: Razed Roof fund-raising event: 'Singers Aware' @ Memorial Hall Sawbridgeworth

Tuesday 11th June 2013: Performance and stand at Harlow Chamber of Commerce Exhibition.

Friday 7th June 2013: Razed Roof production 'A version of Indian Summer' performed at Rhodes Centre, Bishop's Stortford   
                                    (Rhodes box office 01279 651746)

Wednesday 5th June 2013:Razed Roof are performing in the Jack Petchey Foundation Awards event at Harlow Playhouse.

Thursday 23rd May 2013:Razed Roof production 'A version of Indian Summer' performed at Southend Pier                                              (Box Office 01702 618747)

Thursday 16th May 2013: Razed Roof production 'A version of Indian Summer' at Harlow Playhouse                                             
                                      (Playhouse box office 01279 431945).

Sunday 21st April 2013: Razed Roof runner Catherine Ridge in London Marathon (see 'Funding'  for info on donations)

Wednesday 20th March 2013: Razed Roof talk to Harlow Group: Sherads Hatch Ladies Guild

15th February 2013:
Fund-raiser Quiz Night @ St John's Arc, Old Harlow. Food included- £10 per person.

7th February 2013: Razed Roof attending a matinee performance of 'Ockham's Razor' at Harlow Playhouse

31st January 2013: Visit and presentation from Mark Richardson and Carousel team @1.30pm

Sunday 27th Jan 2013: Performance for Holocaust Memorial event at 5.30pm (meeting to rehearse 4pm at Harlow Synagogue)

Thursday 10th January 2013: First session of the Spring Term with the Big Publicity Launch Event: 6.30pm-7.30pm at
                                           Harlow Playhouse, with a short performance from Razed Roof.

Thursdays 20th/27th Dec/3rd Jan: Xmas break, no Razed Roof.

Thursday 13th Dec 2012
Razed Roof performing at Langdon Down, Teddington for DSA Christmas Concert

Saturday 8th December 2012
: Razed Roof Christmas Carol Singing 10.30am -12.30pm in The Harvey Centre, Harlow.

Sunday18th Nov. 2012: Razed Roof performing in 'Harlow's Pride and Joy' at Harlow Playhouse 3pm and 7.30pm

Thursday 1st Nov, 2012: Half Term week- no Razed Roof

Thursday 25th Oct 2012: Isobel Urquhart and Abdelfattah (Alrowwad Cultural Arts Centre in Bethlehem)  to visit Razed Roof

Friday 19th October 2012: Razed Roof fundraising Wine Tasting @ 7.30pm Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall (tickets via RR)

Thursday 11th Oct 2012: Debra Fearns, Hertfordshire University to visit RR

Friday 28th Sept 2012: Razed Roof to go to see evening performance of 'Oliver!' at Rhodes Centre, Bishops Stortford.

Thursday 27th Sept.2012: Lighter Life & Harlow Museum support 'Together in the Garden': RR day with Special School groups.

Thursday 13th Sept 2012: RR AGM at The Hare, Hare Street, Harlow @ 6pm 
                                      At the end of our usual session at 4pm, Razed Roofers will go for a meal at The Hare before the                                                     Annual General Meeting. Arrange for pick-up to go home at 7.30pm. 

Saturday 8th Sept. 2012: Fundraising Table-Top Stall at The Bullfields Centre, Sawbridgeworth from 12.30pm -4pm                                                                  (staffed by RR volunteers; please come along and buy.)

Thursday 6th Sept. 2012: RAZED ROOF TERM BEGINS 9am at Harlow Playhouse.

        Term Dates 2012/13
        AUTUMN 2012

        Thursdays 6th Sept - 13th Dec 2012  (inclusive)
        (except half-term: 1st Nov)

        SPRING 2013

        Thursdays 10th Jan - 28th March 2013  (inclusive)
        (except half-term: 21st Feb)

        SUMMER 2013

        18th April - 27th June 2013  (inclusive)
        (except half-term: 27th June)

Thursday 19th July 2012: Performance in the Jack Petchey Arts Evening. Harlow Playhouse: Meet 4.30pm - Finish 9.30pm

Thursday 12th July 2012: Last full-day RR session of the Summer term.

Sunday 8th July 2012:  Razed Roof's Sponsored Fun Walk starts 10am at the Mark Hall Sports Centre, Harlow.

Thursday 28th June 2012: tbc Razed Roof's  Fun on the Green...Golfing Day (info to follow)

Thursday 14th June 2012: Private performance of 'InForm' at Playhouse Studio for Spinney School (RR meet at 8.45am)

Thursday 14th June 2012: Razed Roof meeting with our Trustees.

Tuesday 12th June 2012: Three Razed Roof representative attending Chamber of Commerce event to screen 'InForm'.

Thursday 31st May 2012: Additional session for rehearsal for Studio performance of 'InForm'

Saturday 27th May 2012: Razed Roof participating in 'Sparks Will Fly' community celebration at Harlow Town Centre. 

Thursday 24th May 2012: Bollywood workshop with Indi: Essex Cultural Diversity Project Manager

Thursday 10th May 2012: Matinee and evening performances of  new show: 'InForm' at Harlow Playhouse.

Saturday 21st April 2012: 1pm -3.30pm Razed Roof running workshop for the Scouts Activity Day
                                            (meet at 12.45pm at Playhouse, return to Playhouse for 4pm)

Thursday 22nd March 2012: Martin Jameson playwright (Holby City) to visit Razed Roof

Thursday 26th Jan. 2012: Performance for Holocaust Memorial event at Harlow Synagogue at 7pm

Saturday10th Dec.2011: 10.30am-12.30pm-Carol Singing in the Harvey Centre, Harlow with friends from                                                                 Forest Musical Productions.

Thursday 8th Dec.2011: Razed Roof performing at Langdon Down, Teddington for DSA Christmas Concert
                                      Return to Harlow for 10.30pm

Thursday 10th Nov. 2011: Tri-Safe Project- The Event:- 10.30am-3.30pm at Harlow Playhouse Studio and Gallery.                                          All welcome!

Sunday 6th Nov 2011: Razed Roof performing a piece celebrating the Harlow Playhouse '40th Gala' @
                                   Harlow Playhouse main auditorium, finishing about 10pm

Saturday 5th Nov 2011: Razed Roof appearing on BBC1-evening programme to announce the winner of                                                                             the National Lottery Best Arts Project
                                       ALSO                                                                                                                                                                               Razed Roof Members' private Celebration Supper (black tie event)
                                      7.30pm to 10.30pm at Harlow Playhouse

Thursday 27th Oct. 2011: HALF-TERM- no RR session

Saturday 1st Oct. 2011: Razed Roof Charity Car Park at Harlow College 

Thursday 22nd Sept. 2011: Razed Roof AGM 6pm at The Hare, Hare Street, Harlow.
Friday 2nd - 26th Sept: Voting for The National Lottery: Best Arts Project. Please encourage
                                                    all friends, family and contacts to vote for Razed Roof 'Inclusion
                                                    Through Practice' on the website:

Thursday 8th September 2011: RAZED ROOF TERM BEGINS

Term Dates 2011/12
Thursdays 8th Sept - 8th Dec 2011
(except half-term 27th Oct)

Thursdays 5th Jan - 29th March 2012
(except half-term 16th Feb)

19th April -12th July 2012
(except half-term weeks 31st May and 7th June)


Monday 11th July 2011: Representatives from Razed Roof to Westminster for a tour of the Houses of Parliament with MP.

Sunday 10th July 2011: Razed Roof sponsored walk at Mark Hall Sports Centre

Thursday 7th July 2011: National Lottery/BBC film crew to film Razed Roof at work- to be screened on TV

Sunday 12th June 2011: Razed Roof participating in the 'Flower Festival' at St Mary's Church @ Stapleford Abbots                                         near Ongar/Abridge). Meet at Playhouse at 12.15 to drive there for 1pm. Back in Harlow at 3.30pm

Saturday 4th June 2011: Razed Roof participating in 'Disability Awareness Day' at Harlow Fire Station: 10.30am to 3.30pm

Thursday 26th May 2011: Razed Roof representatives to attend Full Council Meeting for Chairman's cheque presentation.

Thursday 19th May 2011: Razed Roof participating in the 'Jack Petchey Foundation: Arts Award Evening'.

Friday 20th May 2011: Representatives from Razed Roof to attend the 'Harlow Youth Bank Awards Evening'

Thurs/Friday  24th/25th March 2011: Razed Roof's new production 'Brave New Food' at Harlow Playhouse, Studio Theatre.

Thurs 27th January 2011:
Performance for Holocaust Memorial event at Harlow Synagogue at 7pm.

Saturday 18th December 2010:
Carol singing in Harvey Centre, Harlow: from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

 Thursday 9th December 2010: Performance at DSA Christmas Concert at Langdon Down, Teddington, London.
Saturday 13th November 2010:
Lord Mayor's Show, London. Participating with the Jack Petchey Foundation.

Friday 29th October 2010: performance at the Harlow Council Chairperson's Civic Dinner.

Saturday 2nd October 2010: Harlow Market Square- Launch for Black History Month.

Thursday 30th September 2010: Razed Roof AGM: 6pm @ The Hare, Harlow

Saturday 25th Sept 2010: Harlow Arts Council Conference 2pm at St John's Arc, Harlow

 Charitable status: 2009


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